Food Truck Fun


We wanted to check out the food trucks so this Saturday we ventured downtown to Howard Gilman Waterfront Park. I first fell in love with food trucks when we lived on Guam. One truck in particular  left a lasting impression and seems to be the standard by which my husband and I compare all other food truck experiences. Shout out to Mosa’s Hotbox for setting the bar oh so high!

Meanwhile at the food trucks in St. Marys

We arrived just as the event began, which I highly recommend doing in the future. The lines got long quick. There were only a handful of trucks lining St. Marys Street downtown, but one seemed to be calling my name. Manny’s Cuban Food truck came up from Jacksonville to join the fun. I’ve heard really good things about them, and they did not disappoint. 

Let’s Eat

We got two cuban sandwiches, beans and rice, fried plantains, and drinks for $29. This feed our whole family with some leftovers, but that was only because we were stuffed. We headed over to listen to some of the live music and enjoy the shade.

                      black beans cuban food truck food truck fried plantain                             food truck cuban sandwhichpop high chair food truckThere were no tables available, but we brought the twins new pop up high chairs so that wasn’t a problem. We picked up these fantastics little seats on Amazon after seeing a friend use them with their twins. These high chairs fold up very compact, the way camping chairs do. They have a small tray and a carrying bag. So we’ve been taking them everywhere, and the twins seem to love them because they devoured their dinner.

pop high chair food truck

The sandwiches were amazing and so cheesey and the plantains were a great treat, the twins devoured them. 



There was also a brick oven pizza vendor, they had a very impressive brick oven on a trailer. The pizzas looked great, but I felt bad for the folks making them. It was incredibly hot and I can’t imagine working outside with that oven. The other trucks were the typical hot dog, burger, and taco jobs. Hadley got a jersey dog from Stewart’s All American Dogs. So boring if you ask me. hot dog food truckI hope to see many more food trucks throughout St. Marys and Kingsland. There is just something fun about ordering from that little window and taking dinner wherever you want to go. If you have a favorite food truck I’d love to hear about it.

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