Jacksonville Zoo Shenanigans

We can’t pass up $5 zoo admission!




The Jacksonville Zoo partners with a sponsor to offer $5 admission every summer. It is the perfect opportunity for our family to visit. We try to take advantage of it every year. It is extremely affordable, and if we have to leave abruptly because the twins are cranky or one of the big girls is misbehaving we haven’t spent a small fortune. The rain played a small part in cutting our trip short today.

jaguar jax zoo

We joined some new friends of ours, a sweet family with twins just four days younger than ours. What are the odds? So three adults, my mom tagged along, and seven kids made quite a crowd, but we managed to have a very successful trip. Its funny how I define success after having the twins. No one got hurt, we left with the same number of kids we arrived with, all four twins were content the majority of the time, and the big kids had fun, especially once the rain started to fall. The three older kids danced and played in the pouring rain. They were soaked to the bone. 

dancing rain

I plan to go with the same expectations next time we go, none. Going on a trip like this can be stress full and cause anxiety, but now that I’ve learned to set out with realistic expectations I’m able to avoid those feelings all together. We just show up and see what happens. When the kids have had enough action for one day we leave. It’s almost impossible to be disappointed this way. I am loving the “we’ll see what happens” mindset. 

If you’re thinking “I’m way too much a control freak to just wing it”, check out  this post about why I decided to just let go!