Nothing is Perfect

About a year ago I bought disappointment in a perfect little package without even realizing it. They sell these brightly colored stickers, complete with one number for each month of the year. I bought a set for the twins with the best of intentions, but clearly I had unrealistic expectations. I had an ideal image in my head. You’ve seen them, those adorable photos of cute, perfectly dressed babies, branded with a cheerful sticker announcing that baby is another month older.

8 month milestone, imperfect
8 month photos, just in time.

It went well for the first few months, but by the time the twins were four months old it was clear I was in over my head. I completely forgot seven months, and here I am on the eve of month number nine trying to make use of the eighth month stickers. How do people get a baby to sit still long enough to take these damn photos? I mean let’s be honest, they should just stop at six months old, before the crawling starts. These adorable little girls of mine are just far to mobile to be inconvenienced by milestone photos.

baby attackSo as I sat, being figuratively mauled by the twins, I decided “screw it”. I took pictures of them crawling, or in Evelynn’s case scooting around, climbing on everything, and attacking me. I mean it’s better to have something, than to have nothing at all because I could get the perfect pose. Right!? I am deep enough into this parenting thing to realize that nothing will ever be perfect again, and that is perfectly fine by me.

imperfect, moments, photos
Always busy

I’m just grateful to be here with these crazy kids of mine, taking pictures, making messes, and experiencing all the moments, big and small. So don’t sweat the small stuff, and for the record I’m trying to learn not to sweat the big stuff either. You might just miss the most ridiculous, awkward, imperfect moments if you’re waiting on perfect.
Technically they’re still eight months old, so it counts!!