5 Ways I Plan to Avoid Stress Eating

I’m going to avoid eating my emotions this time. I will not stress eat!

The past few days have been a little rough. Just when I thought I was going to back in the gym 110% I have a mysterious knee injury. It started swelling Thursday, not 24 hours after I was released from physical therapy for my shoulder. The time couldn’t have been better! (insert sarcasm here) I’m currently icing and resting like its my job, except for the fact that I have a tiny army to care for. I’m sure you can imagine the extent of my resting.
I’m not really dealing with this well. I just registered for the Crossfit Open, and I wasn’t expecting anymore set backs. I guess that’s how it goes, no one ever expects these things. I honestly felt like I was going to hit my postpartum stride, this was the time when all my patients and taking the good with the bad would pay off in a spree of PR’s, just in time for The Open.
At this point I’m in wait and see mode. My goal right now is to deal with stress in a healthy way, and since working out (with the exception of arms and shoulders) is not an option, I hope I’m able to at least avoid the sweets. I have a terrible habit of stress eating. Its obviously counterproductive. My goals right now are focused on loosing baby weight and getting stronger. I need to kick the self destructive habits to the curb.
The best way to put these habits behind me is to have a strategy. These are some helpful tips to avoid eating for comfort, surely I’m not the only one.

breath mindful eating stress eating 1. Eat Only When Hungry

I don’t mean wait until you’re hangry. Drink plenty of water so you don’t mistake thirst for hunger, and eat small portions frequently. Your stomach should feel empty between meals, but you shouldn’t be ravenously hungry.

2. Practice Mindful Eating

Think about the dish, the ingredients, the flavors. Be present, don’t watch TV or cruise social media. Focus on the food and consider how it will help you reach your nutrition goals.

3. Don’t Give Into Cravings

Wait 5 minutes before you dig in. Don’t think “I can’t” but rather I don’t want to. I want to wait, and make sure this is a choice I can live with.

4. Eat Slowly (this is a tough one for me)

Take the time to enjoy your food. Have a seat at the table, relax, and enjoy your food. Don’t stand in the middle of the kitchen and scarf down dinner(I’m so guilty of this one). Put your utensils down when you’re chewing.

5. Breath

Leave, in the middle of the chaos, just walk away. Find a quiet room, close the door, and breath. Lots of deep breaths, relax your body, compose your thoughts, and just let it all go.