Summer Bucket List

10 Activities to Keep Your Family Busy

Just about everyone loves summer. All school year long you hear parents and kids talk about the excitement of summer vacation. It seems everyone has a list of activities they’re looking forward to. Our family is no different. This summer is kind of unique for our family in a few ways. This is the first summer we’ll have to navigate water activities with the twins. This is also one of the few summer’s my husband will be home for the Fourth of July. Our summer bucket list includes lots of great ways to cool off, a few inside activities because Georgia is famous for afternoon thunderstorms, and even some very much needed mom and dad date time

For the average Joe this may not seem like very much mischief to get into, but when you factor in the twins I promise this is a reasonably sized list of fun. It is enough to keep us busy, but not so much that we need a vacation from our vacation.

2017 Summer Bucket List

  1. Water ParkJekyll Island is one of Georgia’s Barrier Island. The beaches are geourgus and family friendly with restrooms, showers, and plentiful parking. There is a lot to do, one of our favorite attractions is Summer Waves. It’s a small kid friendly waterpark.
  2. Drive In Movie-How about a move? While drive in movies used to be a dime a dozen, they’re a dying breed these days. I had no idea Jesup Drive In was even there until about a year ago, but our family has yet to make the trip.  I’m excited to add it to our summer bucket list
  3. Pool Party-One of my favorite things to do, especially since having the twins is stay home. So forgo backing a bag, instead invite a few friends over for a pool party. We has a small inexpensive pool that we picked up at Target. The kids love it!
  4. Beach Day-We are so lucky to live close to a variety of beaches. One of our favorite beaches is Fernandina, on Amelia Island. There is a historic district with shops, several different areas to access the beach, great places to stop and get a bite to eat, and even some fun shady playgrounds.
  5. Visit a National Park-If you like to hike or enjoy taking in a bit of history, Fort Clinch is a great place to stop. It is located on Amelia Island. There are walking trailing, the fort, beaches, and camping. Our family is long over due for a visit.
  6. Water Balloon Fights-are another really great way to cool off.  Have you see the ones that self seal. It a little attachment you screw on to the hose, a bunch of balloons fill all at once, and there is no need to tie them. We’ll probably check this off our bucket list more than once.
  7. Make S’Mores-One of the best parts of camping is S’Mores. Well, with the twins camping may or may not be in the cards this summer. That doesn’t mean we have to skip the S’Mores. On occasion we make them in the backyard after we grill.  We were in the grocery store a few weeks ago, and my girls pointed out square marshmallows. Perfect for S’Mores.
  8. Visit the Zoo-I recently posted about taking a little trip to the zoo. While we were there an ad for Night at the Zoo caught my friend’s eye. It sounds like the perfect chance to take a break and have night of adult conversation. They’ll be music and food trucks. Say no more!tax zoo jaguars
  9. Movie Slide Show-We live in Southeast Georgia. It rains a lot here so it is not always feasible to head outside, although we do look to be outside. You must have a rain plan. This summer I am organizing all of our family photos. I think making some snacks, sitting down with the kids, and watching a slide show is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. It doesn’t have to be fancy or well organized. Just sit down and reminisce.fireworks
  10. Fireworks-There are a million ways to spend the Fourth of July. It isn’t Independence Day without fireworks. Sorry! Parades are fun, street fairs are great, but I need the twinkling booms of light to really make it Fourth of July. We have ventured to Jax Beach in the past. This year we’ll be enjoying our small town festival in St Marys. It is close, and it is easy to get in and out of.