On a Tuesday! Why we need to slow it down now!

Don’t over commit. It’ll drive you crazy, quick!

It’s 7:30 on a Tuesday. All four of my children are in bed. I’m about to sip a chilly glass of pinot grigio, and try to forget all the challenges of my day, which may not leave much to commit to memory. The past few weeks these kids have run me. Well, little ladies, the shit show stops here!

I’m dying inside right now. I started this two weeks ago, here I am yet another Tuesday. The irony! I’m having a pinot noir kind of night this time around. Guess what, the shit show I referenced above, we’re in the middle of an encore, if you can call it that.

The last month has been busy, too busy, I think that in some crazy attempt to make sure my kids are happy, socialized (you know us unsocialized homeschoolers), entertaiclear calendar, slow down, boring is good, Tuesdayned, and distracted from the fact that dad is away I’ve actually added to the stress of everyday life far more than necessary. I think my girls actually enjoy being bored as much as they complain about it. Today we were stuck at home because Reagan was sick, well, we had a great day. She napped most of it, but the twins were happy and content, Hadley was thrilled piddling around, working ahead on school, running around playing with her newest friend. We didn’t leave the house once, and it was far from boring and isolating. It was fabulous!

little things, everyday life, take in every moment, Tuesday

It was also a bit of an “ah ha” moment for me.

I’m serious right now, here we are like two more Tuesdays later. What is it about Tuesday? It’s like the only day my brain seems to function. I feel like so much has changed, Evelynn now sleeps from 8pm to 3:30am, so close, so I am actually getting shit done during the day. Amazing how much better I function with a few hours of solid sleep. So back to the whole, “the shit show stops here”, I have slowed down our pace a great deal. Maybe that is why Evie has decided to chill out and sleep. We all seem to be doing much much better! This week the only commitment we have is a trip to the zoo. It has been a breath of fresh air to be home and taking care of everyday things instead of running from one social commitment to another. The big girls have focused a bit and are being very helpful with everything from chores to occupying themselves while I make lunch. Yes!!! We have progress folks!