Twins? What you can avoid doubling up on, and what you can’t.

A Wanna Be Minimalist’s Guide to Twins: Don’t Buy 2 of That!

You’re having twins, you’re going to need double the baby gear. Right? Well, actually there is quite a bit on the baby list that you don’t need to double up on. That’s right, twins don’t necessarily mean two of everything. Good news for your checking account. When I found out I was having twins it was a HUGE shock, especially because I was misinformed on the subject and thought twins typically run in families. Evidently that isn’t exactly how it works, and about 1 in 300 pregnancies are fraternal twins. HAHA! Joke was on me. The idea of buying all the baby gear the twins would need was overwhelming.

newborn baby girl held by dad

Think of it this way, babies like to be held, with twins you’re going to do twice as much holding. The babies will only sit or swing for a few minutes at a time before they either want to be held or need a change of scenery. I bought one swing, one bouncy seat, and one activity mat. Most of the time I was holding or nursing one baby while the other baby was swinging or playing. All day everyday was a constant rotation from one place to the next, I can recall only a handful of times that I wished we had a second swing. These times were mostly at 2 am when neither batwin girl in swingby wanted to sleep, but thankfully those were very rare occurrences. In my opinion that wasn’t enough to justify buying a second one.

Things we got one of:

bouncy seat
activity mat
bath bloom bathing mat
co sleeper (we only used ours for about 6 weeks)
double stroller
moby wrap (my twins LOVED to be worn together)
twingo tandem carrier
pack and play (we actually have two, but we’ve only used one at a time)
large diaper bag

twins newborns tandem wearing moby wrap

Things we bought two of:

bumbo seats

Seriously, that is my list of twos. I didn’t even buy twice the amount clothes. This has worked well for us so far. 

I would love to hear your experiences. What did you double up on? Was there anything you wish you had two of?