Ultimate Twin Diaper Bag Checklist

How I Pack for Twins

Packing a diaper bag for twins really isn’t all that different than packing for a singleton. I feel like there are two ends of the spectrum here and I tend to fall right in the middle. Don’t get me wrong I want to be as prepared as possible, but realistically I am out and about alone with my four kids more often than not.  The twins like to beheld A LOT since they’re only six months old, so lugging a forty pound diaper bag just isn’t feasible.make up bags organizer

I keep the basics in the bag, clothes, wipes, diapers, and such, but I leave extras and more occasional times in the car. It’s not like I’m going to need sunscreen everywhere I go so I leave it in the car. I also leave extra diapers in the car incase we’re out longer than expected. The extras come in handy when you’re out with a group and someone else is in need. I find this also saves me time and the frustration of searching a huge over crowded bag with only one free arm.

I found really in expensive make up bags of varying sizes in the dollar section at Target. I use them to separate things and keep them accessible. This little system comes in really handy when I only have one free hand. I use them for the extra clothes, burp clothes, and then small items that would easily get lost in the bottom of the bag. They slide nicely into the end pockets with out bunching up.

Having the bag ready to go saves time when you’re trying to wrangle a tiny army out of the house. I usually try to restock when we get home. I replace diapers, empty out any trash that the little people stuffed in my bag, toss the wet bag in the laundry, and get it all ready for the next time. If I know where my next trip widiaper bag organizationll be I try to keep in mind anything special I might need for that trip, like zoo passes or gift cards. Go ahead and put it all together now so that when you’re running behind because two babies pooped as you’re walking out the door you won’t have to worry about what is in the bag.

This is the list I use. I have started keeping check lists of everything that I use repeatedly. I laminate them so I can use a dry erase marker to actually check and recheck them with out printing them over and over. It works great! I can’t quite describe how severe my mommy brain is with twins and homeschool, an
d I’ve always been a listy person. So it works for me.