Welcome to My Life

Just like that, with the  swipe of an ultrasound we became a family of six. It was the cliche moment when “Its twins” rings out over the hum of the machine. When we decided to add to our brood we naively assumed that like the first two times, we’d welcoming one baby not by two. Its funny all the thoughts that fly through your mind in just a few seconds, I’ve since forgotten most of them. However, a few of the big ones I still find myself asking everyday. “How the hell am I going to work this out?” “How will they all know just how much I love them?” “Can we actually afford this?” “Will I ever make it back to the gym or anywhere alone for that matter?”

You see most of the unique challenges presented by twins cannot possibly be imagined at this early stage in the game. Now that I’ve triumphed over a multiple pregnancy, delivery, and those first few sleepless months with two newborns, I am really starting to understand the depth of life with twins. Every single day has me suspended between the hilarity of balancing homeschool, two big girls, the twins, my husband, eating actual meals (evidently grabbing a fist full of lunch meat isn’t a meal), two dogs, five chickens, time for myself and the tears that come from realizing that someone will get the short end of the stick, no matter what.

So far this has been one heck of a learning experience and now that I’ve emerged from those first few dark and exhausting months I’m actually looking forward to this amazing journey. I can’t wait to watch these four amazing people grow. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy some good food, make some messy crafts with my girls, and hit the gym as often as I possibly can. I have finally started to let go of the unattainable ideal of perfection, and I am learning to be ok with it. So buckle up. I have a fabulous ride ahead. I’m eager to see where this thing goes, and I cannot wait to share it. 

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  1. So look forward to reading your blog. You amaze me and I realize there are very few,of us who can do this multiple children mommy thing so well. Mary Beth

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