Fourth of July Craft

Easy 10 minute Fourth of July Wreath

It only took 10 minutes to whip up this cute wreath. The twins have started sleeping through the night, and life is starting to take on a new level productivity. I love crafting, I mean really LOVE crafting, but lately I’ve had no energy to pull out the glue gun. Now that I have caught up on some sleep, I can begin to catch up in the creativity department.


Grapevine wreath
Wire ribbon
Floral spray
Bow, Plaque, or other embellishment
Hot glue gun and Scissors

First things first heat up the glue!

  • Begin with the wreath facing down (this is really at your discretion, which ever way you feel looks best).
  • Apply a generous dab of glue, to the attach the beginning of the ribbon. I folded the unfinished edge under to make it look neat.wreath 4th of july
  • Wrap the ribbon several times. I left a gap, but do what you feel looks best.
    Slide your floral spray into the tangled mess of grape vines. Try to position it so that the top of the spray is close to the first row of the ribbon.wreath diy 4th of July
  • Put another generous dab of glue behind the spray, then wrap the ribbon over the area where the spray meets the wreath. Put more hot glue under the ribbon to hold everything in place.4th of July wreath diy
  • Continue to wrap the ribbon at least two to three more times. On the back of the wreath fold the ribbon and glue the end of it out of sight.
  • Apply more hot glue to the back of your embellishment and place over the area of the wreath where the floral spray is tucked into the grapevines. 

Start to cleanup this took me 10 minutes, but more importantly I realized that I am able to do fun stuff while the twins are awake and playing. Whew! I’m so happy to be back at it!

Visit Hobby Lobby’s website and look for coupons. They almost always have some kind of sale going.

If you do make a wreath I would LOVE to see it. Please feel free to post a picture in the comments! Thanks guys!